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Keiko Ozeki

Dr. Kei is a life coach, healer, Core Gift facilitator, and kinesiologist. She offers individual and group sessions.

She is a Reiki master. She has been teaching and practicing Reiki for more than 15 years. She completed the DEEP Kinesiology Master course for health support Kinesiology and basic and intermediate courses of multidemeantional kinesiology. She is also an Integrated and Healing Kinesiology practitioner and access bars practitioner.

Dr. Kei has an Ed.D. in Human Development and an M.A. in Organizational Systems and Renewal from Seattle University; and a M.A. in Intercultural and Organizational Communication from San Francisco University. She has a lot of experience of guiding individual and collective for their multi demential learning and growth.

Dr. Kei’s core gift is helping people to evolve individual and collective consciousness. She gives it by helping the invisible become visible, giving gentle medicine for healing so that people can feel refreshed and rejuvenated, and helping them believe in themselves so that they can maximize their capacity and possibility.

Contact Dr. Kei at keicom82@mac.com

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