What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a method to identify the imbalance that affects physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual systems and to harmonize and balance the energy flow. It accesses your conscious and subconscious levels to detect the root causes of your issues and to refocus on your own strengths.

One of the most common techniques in Kinesiology is the use of natural bio-feedback system, Muscle Test. Muscle Test enables kinesiologists to monitor the flow of energy throughout your body on a very subtle level. Muscle Test can identify the stresses that may be preventing you from maximizing your potentials. It detects the factors that may be disrupting your natural flow of energy, that is essential to optimize your productivity, creativity, possibility, and capacity.

After clarifying the root courses of imbalance, Kinesiologists use various techniques to help release the identified stresses and rebalance the energy flow throughout your body that promotes harmony of body, mind, and spirit. This harmony brings you back to a natural state of homeostasis and invigorates your ability to heal yourself. This process helps you eliminate mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks to achieve your desired outcomes.

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